Mixed News for Amarillo, TX Home and Housing Market

New homes sold in our area fell to 126 for the period of 12 months ending last April. Closings for both existing and new homes also fell year-over-year. This is not the news that many homeowners in the Amarillo area wanted to hear. Here is a bit of the story that announced this news:
“In April, there was a drop year-over-year in new home closings in the Amarillo, TX market, and the decline was by a larger percentage than the March 2016. New home closings moved from 38 a year earlier to 6 after the figure moved from 27 in March 2015 to 7 in March 2016.”

Source: <a href="http://www.builderonline.com/land/local-markets/prices-of-new-homes-gain-in-amarillo-sales-fall-according-to-latest-data_g">Prices of New Homes Gain in Amarillo, Sales Fall According to Latest Data</a> by staff.
However, there was some good news as well, at least for those who are trying to sell their homes. Prices are up for homes selling (year-over-year). But, this also means that most mortgages are up as well.

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