Luxury vinyl flooring and expansion:  What you need to know!

Luxury vinyl flooring and expansion: What you need to know!

Luxury vinyl plank and tile are 100% waterproof. However, the material also has tiny air holes where air can circulate.

When the air is humid, the material can expand, with the shape becoming distorted. Alternatively, the material will gap if the air is cool and dry.

This is why we recommend acclimation

Many say the installation is as necessary as the product, and we agree. We can make the most economical flooring look like a high-end surface.

Acclimation is a pre-installation process where you leave the opened boxes, LVP, or tile-sized on the floor for 48 hours in which it's to be installed.

The idea is to let the product's moisture levels align with your home's. Even if stored locally, it can go from a hot warehouse to your cooler home and vice versa.

The house needs to be climate controlled with a steady temperature and no excessive air conditioning or heat. If your thermostat doesn’t have a climate control mechanism, seek the advice of one of our flooring experts.

Money-saving reasons to acclimate

A luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and plank are often installed via the floating floor technique. The pieces click together, mat, and then hover over the subfloor without nails or glue.

It's fast, easy, and inexpensive. The slightest movement in the product, however, can affect the balance. We won't take that chance, and we're sure you won't either.

Many warranties today include clauses requiring acclimation. Not doing it might result in a loss of your protection.

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