As one of the leading sellers of quality natural stone flooring in Amarillo, TX, we are often asked if stone flooring is a good investment for homeowners. Our answer is yes! In fact, stone flooring, when properly installed, can add a great deal of value to just about any home. So, why is this?

For starters, natural stone flooring is exactly what it says it is: Natural stone. At Gowdy Flooring, we offer a great selection of flooring systems that look like stone. These are very high-quality flooring materials that can last for years and years, but, they are not made of stone.
When you visit us to see the wonderful selection of stone flooring we have available for you, you will see real stone slabs and products that have taken eons to form. Our selection of stone flooring includes a wide variety of stone-types, all of which are very popular these days. We can show you flooring in travertine, limestone, granite, slate, and more! In fact, we have one of the best selections in this entire area, and are proud that we can offer so many options for our customers.

The increased value that we mentioned above comes from a few things associated with stone floors that makes them unique. For instance, in terms of long life, stone flooring can last for hundreds of years if it is cared for properly. We know this is true because we still see beautiful stone floors in ancient castles, cathedrals, and mansions.

Natural stone flooring is also unique in its appearance and feel. When you gaze upon a quality stone floor, you know you are looking at a quality stone. There is no doubt about it. And, when you step onto stone floors, you notice that particular feel it has that nothing else can compare to. 

The one drawback to natural stone flooring that homeowners need to consider is its weight. Not every home can support this weight, if that weight is considerable. The good news is Gowdy Flooring in Amarillo, TX has some of the most experienced natural stone flooring installers in the area, and we will be happy to help you determine whether your home is able to carry this weight or not.