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Is carpet sustainable?

Today, some carpeting uses recycled plastic bottles to produce fibers, while another manufacturer has developed a "corn carpet." Here, the company uses corn products, rather than petroleum-based ones, that use over 30% less energy.  The carpet industry has long been leading the crusade on eco-friendly. Thanks to technology, they come up with more and more innovative ideas, such as producing manufacturing processes with zero waste.  In fact, for the last 15 years, they managed to keep over five billion pounds of carpet out of the landfills.

How are carpets sustainable?

One way is for the carpet flooring to have fibers that are harvested entirely by nature.  These include wool, jute, and sisal. Sustainable can also refer to a synthetic product if the manufacturing process and materials used in production are environmentally friendly. This would include administering responsible recycling and water usage; carpet padding made from natural fibers or water-based, rather than chemicals adhesives.

Three common natural fibers

Wool is the most common natural fiber for carpet floors, and it is used in both carpets and area rugs. It is soft and fluffy but also strong and resistant to stains, pilling, and fire. Wool is an attractive choice as an insulating floor because its fibers trap air, making it soundproof and thermally resistant. It’s also pricier, but sometimes those fibers are combined with acrylics to bring down the cost.

Jute is soft, inexpensive, and made from plant stalks first soaked and then planted to make the individual fibers. It’s best for use on low traffic floors. Sisal is soft and easy to dye, which makes it versatile. It can stand up to high traffic areas without feeling coarse or uncomfortable underfoot, but it can be slippery, so avoid using it on stairs.

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