How to Keep Your Tile Floors Clean

Those who have tile flooring known how great it can look but also know how quickly dirt, pet hair, spills, foods, and other debris can tarnish the flooring. To prevent these problems, routine cleaning is essential, but the weekly chore of your cleaning does not have to be as hard as you think. Here is a guide to cleaning your tile flooring:

1. Sweep your tile flooring daily. The best general cleaning of your tile floors can be achieved with a special dust mop or a regular vacuum. This will help to remove any of the loose dust and dirt before it can scratch the tiles.

2. Mop your tiles regularly. A step as simple as mopping the floor once a week will keep your tiles clean and shiny. Going over the floor with water and mild cleaning solution weekly can help keep dirt and grime from getting embedded in the pores of the tile.

3. Keep tiles dry. Dry off the floor when you are done mopping. This helps keep dirt and grime from sticking to the tiles and will help keep your tile flooring looking great for longer. It will also keep the grout dry and clean so it stays fresher longer.

4. Keep the tile flooring clean. Wipe up spills right away. Leaving water and other liquids on tile can lead to staining as it seeps into the pores and fine lines of the tile. However, for nastier spills you may need a strong chemical cleaner to spot clean those areas.

5. Reduce dirt and grime on your tiles. Put a doormat on both sides of the entry way doors. These help eliminate tracking mud or water into the house and it is important to have two- outside will catch the bulk of the grime and the one inside is for finer dirt and debris.

Visit your local flooring dealer to see what advice they can give and also to purchase your tile flooring. They will know exactly how to help you!