How to Give Your Natural Stone Flooring Longer Life

natural stone flooring in Amarillo It is no secret that natural stone flooring can be expensive. Those who have these special types of floors will, no doubt, want to keep them looking new for as long as possible. While stone flooring can last for centuries, it is not impervious to damage that can lessen its visual appeal. Here are some important tips on how you can keep your natural stone flooring looking its best for ages.

Avoiding tiny scratches

The most common problem people report on about their natural stone flooring are tiny scratches that, over time, dull the look of the flooring. These scratches come from small bits of debris that is tracked onto the floor via shoes, or blown onto the floor by the wind. In either case, you can avoid this type of damage by sweeping and damp mopping the floor often. Yes, it is that simple.

Do not, however, drench your natural stone flooring with water, especially if you have not sealed the stone against moisture. Water on an unsealed stone floor can seep down into the stone and cause discoloration. A damp mop is all you really need.

Also, avoid using vacuum cleaners on your stone floor unless you are sure that their wheels do not have debris sticking on them, as you will only create more scratches as you roll the machine around.

Avoiding bigger scratches

The next most common complaint has to do with larger scratches. This is most often caused by furniture that is sitting directly on the floor. The feet of most furniture can easily cause scratching if the furniture is dragged about the room to achieve a ‘different’ look.

Deep clean your natural stone flooring

It is a good idea to periodically deep clean your stone flooring if it has been sealed. The best advice here is to use only a heavy-duty cleaner that is specifically made for stone floor cleaning. Do NOT use abrasives such as those found in the kitchen or bathroom, as these will certainly mar the surface of your flooring.

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