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How to Get a Happy Flooring Installation

Remodeling is so much fun, and so exciting! It’s also so confusing, especially when you’re trying to find the flooring for your Amarillo home. The best way to get the best is to go to Gowdy Flooring, the largest flooring store in the Texas Panhandle.

It’s the place to go for Amarillo Flooring but, meanwhile, avoid some of these common--but joy stealing--mistakes:

1.Don’t rush the installation process. A lot of people just don’t give it the time it needs, and start moving furniture back into the room before its ready. Don’t just think of the installation itself, but allow for prep and post time, such as hardwood acclimation, or allowing veneers to settle.

2.Don’t confuse fads with trends. A trend is something already existing that has been thoroughly researched and analyzed, to see if a change is needed; for instance, the color grey has grown in enormous popularity for floors, and research has shown it will remain so for a while. A fad is just a kind of knee-jerk reaction, with no knowledge behind it, and is usually short-lived.

3.Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching colors and patterns. Invest in a small, inexpensive color wheel, because every color is warm or cool, depending upon shade. Be sure to coordinate warm and cool colors, plus different intensities and saturations. That’s what adds excitement and drama to a room.

4.Don’t be too conservative in your design! Of course you don’t want to be faddish, but don’t be afraid to mix and match unique shapes, patterns or colors. And, yes, you can add that “fabulosity,” slowly; for example, if you’re installing a white tile floor, you can add some dramatic touches with colorful grout, or just a few highly designed accent tiles, which can always be easily changed.

5.Don’t try to save money with your Amarillo flooring installation. Some things just aren’t DIY projects. Each flooring type requires different skills and tools, and you also have to be sure that the sub-floor is prepared correctly. (The sub-floor often affects how the surface floor looks.)

While you’re at it, don’t go for the cheapest flooring installer. If they start boasting about how much carpet they’ve installed, but you’re installing tile, and they’ve never done that, you can’t really say you have an experienced tile installer, right?

Come into Gowdy Flooring and let us explain the process to you. Our showroom is in Amarillo, TX.