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How to choose carpeting that's right for you

Carpet floors will always be a popular choice, and with all the styles, colors, and designs, there's something for everyone and every budget. However, please don't get distracted because the priority should always be about meeting your needs, and selecting the right soft surface will go a long way toward it looking great and performing well for a long time. This is what we tell our customers to consider during the selection process.

Know your room

Ask yourself how the room will be used; for instance, a living room can be the center of family activity or only used for guests. Tell the flooring expert if the room has high or low foot traffic, if it's large or small, dark or light, or if you have extra durability/stain-resistance needs. Most rooms today are multi-functional; for example, it's not uncommon to find gym equipment in the bedroom, living rooms combined with dining areas, home libraries or home offices, or family rooms where people eat.

Explore locally-owned stores

These stores often have more extensive inventories than the big boxes, which are always restricted by corporate requirements that control inventory, discounts, and specials. If you're looking for something a little more unusual, you're most apt for finding it in a local store. If we don't have the particular carpet in Amarillo that you're looking for, we will order it.

Look at the samples in your light and with your belongings to make the most successful coordination. No matter how bright the light, you don't live in the showroom or the outdoors. Colors vary slightly when placed next to other colors.

Understand quality

A thick rug isn't necessarily better. There is such a thing as it being too thick for your carpet flooring installation. Density, referring to how closely the fibers are tufted together, is a good indicator, and so are twist numbers that mean how many times a fiber is turned per one-inch length. The higher the twist number, the less prone to unraveling and fraying.
You want a twist number of at least three or more. Note that not all rugs have twist numbers.

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