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Homemade Water & Vinegar Cleaning Solutions: Good for Wood or Bad Idea?

If you’re trying to stay away from cleaning agents that aren’t eco-friendly, you may be wondering what to use on your Amarillo flooring. With a quick Google search, you’ll no doubt get a long list of what seems like great DIY cleaning solutions; but are they good for your flooring installation? While a simple vinegar and water solution may sound harmless, it may not be safe for your flooring in Amarillo, and cause it to discolor or damage its protective layer.

At the Gowdy Flooring showroom in Amarillo, TX, our experts decided to take the time to address the subject of effective (and ineffective) homemade cleaning solutions for hardwood in this article, in the hopes that our flooring store can save homeowners from unknowingly damaging their planks with water and vinegar.

Forget Water and Vinegar for Planks – It’s Not a Good Idea!
Nothing beats cheap white vinegar and water, right? Well, white it is safe for your countertops and the environment, it’s actually not recommended for hardwood. Rather, it’s the superficial, protective layer it’s not good for, a section you may be damaging beyond repair with vinegar, as it is indeed an acid. Soon, the top coat will break down, and end up making the planks look dull in appearance. And then, since there’s no more protective layer, your wood will be subject to discoloration and swelling, well, pretty much everything!

Keep These Things in Mind With Hardwood
•Always sweep dust and dirt off hardwood before cleaning.
•Only use a flooring appropriate cleaner that is pH neutral and safe for wood.
•Avoid applying too much water at a time; use a spray mist instead to control the product.
•A Microfiber mop is your best bet, as traditional mops tend to soak up too much water, thus leave too much moisture behind.

Maintain the look and beauty of your hardwood by using a specially formulated cleaner for your particular type of species, varnish, and planks. Skip the water and vinegar mixtures, they may be inexpensive to begin with, but after all the damage they’re cause, they’ll end up costing you in the long run.