Amarillo flooring

Here's How to Avoid Destroying Your Flooring Installation!

Do you have wood flooring? Amarillo residents, don't destroy your floors by mistake! Sometimes, without really meaning to, homeowners shorten the lifespan of their gorgeous surfacing, simply because they're unaware of the dos and don'ts of cleaning and care. There's no need to panic, folks, Gowdy Flooring is here to save the day! Our amazing on-site Amarillo, TX showroom experts have come up with some maintenance tips so you can have your Amarillo flooring for decades to come.

Protect Surfacing With Rugs and Mats
At every door and entryway, add a rug or mat to collect dust, dirt, and gunk. On rainy days, you'll breathe a sigh of relief when the kids leave their sopping, muddy shoes behind. This simple step ensures that the protective coat of your surfacing isn't worn through from the grit stuck to the bottom of shoes, and they'll no longer be a need to visit a flooring store to redo your home.

Use a High-Quality Vacuum
Sure, some vacuums are less expensive, but for the most part, they don't work as efficiently as better models. In the end, your low-end vacuum is essentially ruining your surfacing, since it's doing such a poor job. Save money on a vacuum to spend money on new floors? Nope, that's not a good move!

Proper, Certified Cleaning Products
Many homeowners decide to make their own cleaning products, be it to save money, or to follow a eco-friendlier lifestyle. The problem is, if you're not careful, you can be using something that's damaging the surface coating. Speak to a showroom rep for some DIY cleaners, or better yet, stick to a proper, certified cleaning product.

Soppy, Soppy, Moppy, Moppy
Water damaging floors? How absurd! Well, it's true, so listen up! Too much water will result in damage, such as splintering or cracking. Instead of a soppy mop, it should be damp, so wring it out before setting it down to clean.

While these steps may sound basic and straightforward, they're true hard surfacing material lifesavers. With a renovation, you're adding value to your home. But once those floors are in, the care doesn't stop there! For a lasting investment, follow our guide.