Heavy Rains Take A Toll On Amarillo Homes and Businesses

There are many forms of weather than can cause damage to homes and businesses. From hail to tornadoes, Amarillo residents have seen it all. It now seems that the area has also been received a lot of rainfall during the last year, and this amount of water has done its own damage. From foundation to flooring, the amount of damage being reported is rising.

It was recently reported just how bad the rain has been in the Amarillo area.

“More than 30 inches of rain drenched a drought-stricken Amarillo last year. While it was much needed, others describe the rain differently...From Memorial Day weekend till the end of October, the city spent a whopping $1.65 Million on last year's rain. Money that went toward renting water pumps to drain flooded lakes, employees working overtime, and damage repairs.”

Source: <a href="http://www.newschannel10.com/story/31287410/wettest-year-in-amarillo-also-one-of-the-more-expensive">Wettest year in Amarillo also one of the more expensive</a> by Staff.
The expense of heavy rainfall can also move right into the home, especially if residents have certain types of flooring. For instance, some natural stone floors are not good at repelling water and may absorb some of the water. For this reason, we encourage those who have natural stone flooring to protect their floors if an abundance of water is likely to be on the surface of the floor.

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