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One of the most daunting tasks involved in any remodel or new home/business project is to find quality carpeting and flooring at a reasonable price. From the dizzying array of materials, each with an equally intimidating range of options, to the scheduling and pricing, it almost seems like you need to have a Ph.D. in flooring science just to choose a color or pattern. It doesn't have to be that difficult. Let Gowdy Flooring sort out the mess; we practically wrote the book on flooring.

Gowdy Flooring is the leading provider of quality carpeting and flooring in Amarillo, TX. Our flooring experts have over 150 years combined experience in the flooring industry. We would love to put every ounce of that experience to work designing and installing the perfect floor for you, at a price that won't break the bank.

We understand that building or remodeling a home or business can be a very expensive project. We can help ease that stress with one of our flexible payment options. Each is individually tailored to help you free up money for all those other projects, or to simply help you get that perfect flooring material or style, which you may think is out of your price range. We can help you find the solution needed to turn that perfect image of your ideal home in your mind, into a reality.

Whether you are looking for the homey warmth of a hardwood, the timeless elegance of natural stone, or the luxurious comfort of carpeted flooring, we have a vast selection of styles. Our experienced staff will gladly help you to find the one that's right for you. We also have a wide selection of vinyl, porcelain/ceramic tile, and laminates- all in one convenient place!

So, if you are looking for quality carpeting or flooring in Amarillo, call, email, or visit with us at our Amarillo showroom to schedule a free consultation and estimate. No hassle, no headache, no problem.