Hardwood or Carpet? Gowdy Flooring Helps You Figure it Out!

Once you realize you're about to need a room redesign or a home makeover, you may catch yourself wondering the age-old question: Hardwood or carpet? To better understand your renovation needs and narrow down your preferences, we suggest you stop by our Gowdy Flooring store showroom in Amarillo, TX, to check out your options. The truth is, the decision to go with flooring installation materials can take some time, so its essential to check out your choices in person. While some folks are hardcore hardwood fans, others prefer the soft warmth of carpeting. Which one will you pick?

Classic Solid Hardwood
If you're on the hunt for high-quality Amarillo flooring, you may want to consider solid hardwood planks. Appearance-wise, you just can't beat the classic, seamless perfection of a visually stunning expanse of wood planks throughout your entire home. Lovely beyond comparison, it's mesmerizing to see the beauty of an exotic wood species as it extends from one room into the next unerringly. Certainly, hardwood is a popular choice, not only nowadays but also for the past several centuries. 

Uncompromising durability is by far a huge factor in its popularity. Whether you're redoing an estate or a single-bedroom condo, you're going to want a surfacing material that lasts. Hardwood provides this in spades and then some, if you take care of it. So, when you combine hot looks with tough planks, you're sure to get an exceptional surfacing for any redesign project.

Comforting Carpeting
Carpet flooring in Amarillo is an equally attractive choice in renovations. That's because, while some homeowners simply adore hardwood, others prefer a surfacing material that offers underfoot cushioning, and the welcoming appearance of warmth. Really, you don't need to live in the Arctic to love carpet. No matter where you reside in the world, you may just want a surfacing option that creates the feel of comfort.

But aside from the luxurious feeling of cozy, squishy fibers between your toes, carpet also gives households a means to decrease falls, slips, and trips, while providing a soft-landing area. For families that include toddlers, young children, or seniors with mobility issues, carpeting can be a real godsend.