Hardwood floors from Gowdy Flooring in Amarillo, TX

Hardwood flooring is solid or engineered

When opting for unfinished solid wood flooring, you can expect installation to take one week and acclimation to take another week. The inconvenience and possible temporary displacement from your home are worth it if you:

  • like a stain or wood that is not available in prefinished boards.
  • want wood flooring in the kitchen, and therefore, very tight, well-sealed seams are desirable.
  • prefer a flush look instead of the beveled look of a prefinished floor. 
Solid wood flooring, usually ½-inch to ¾-inch thick, is nailed to the subfloor. It is then sanded, stained, and sealed. This type of floor covering is not appropriate for basements, bathrooms, or other moisture-prone areas. Wood floors often last the life of the home. They can be refinished in the years to come.

Prefinished solid wood

Finishing treatments are applied to some solid wood flooring while it’s in the factory. These prefinished solid wood strips and planks are treated with tough sealers that are not available to on-site crews. Lifetime warranties on factory finishes are common. Therefore, in comparison to unfinished wood flooring, less refinishing and maintenance is required This durable floor covering is nailed to the subfloor. It can be walked on immediately after installation.

Engineered wood

Wood floors
can be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. Engineered hardwood flooring is appropriate for kitchens, stairs, and some basements. It can be installed over existing flooring. These multi-ply boards are composed of a base that is bonded to a layer of hardwood. Typically, engineered flooring is between ⅜-inch to ¾-inch thick. Matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finishes are available. Often, the strips and planks are connected to form a floor that floats over the subfloor. Most brands can be sanded and refinished one time.

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