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Gowdy Flooring's Guide to the Best Flooring for Amarillo Homes With Children

There isn't much in your life that goes unchanged once you bring your baby home for the first time. There are so many things to consider getting the place baby-proofed. Covering outlets, baby-proofing the cupboards, and covering sharp edges, are just a few things you have to worry about. The one thing people tend to forget is that children can be really rough on floors.

In you are about to put new flooring into your Amarillo home, and you want to make sure to get something that can hold up to the tots, this is the guide for you! Here are the best flooring installations for homes with kids:

SmartStrand™ Carpeting

Most people think that carpet is a thing of the past once they have kids. It seems that most people have forgotten about SmartStrand™ carpeting from Mohawk! This incredibly durable carpet is functionally impervious to stains, while still being the softest carpet fiber on the market.

This carpet is so durable that it is capable of withstanding weeks in a rhino enclosure, only to be hosed off and looking like new at the end. If it can hold up to rhinos, you're kids should be no problem! Don't believe us? Google the SmartStrand Rhino Challenge, and see for yourself! Amarillo flooring doesn't get much better than this for homes with kids.


Hardwood flooring
is a great choice for homes with kids, because it is durable from the get-go, but can also be cheaply and easily repaired once it has finally become worn enough to warrant it. Even if your kids scratch it up and gouge it in their early, rambunctious years, you can just sand and refinish it, once they are old enough to have settled down a bit.

Another great advantage is that you won't have to spend too much time maintaining it, freeing you up to chase the rug rats instead!

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