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Flooring installation time frame: Hard versus soft

At Gowdy Flooring, our Amarillo, TX showroom experts answer a ton of questions on a daily basis concerning installing flooring. But, one of our most asked questions pertains to timing, namely how long it takes to install hard versus soft. Our flooring store professionals, therefore, came up with this helpful post to explain the basic differences between these two popular surfacing materials. Without further delay, let’s find out the pros and cons between your Amarillo flooring options.

How long it takes to install soft surfacing – pros and cons
When it comes to soft surfacing and how long it takes to add to your home, the answer depends upon room size. If you’re looking to add fiber surfacing to one room in your home, then we’re looking at a few hours for the installation, about 2 in total. Larger rooms, of course, can take a bit more time, whereas an entire home would take a couple of days or so. Advantage-wise, the process is quite quick, though the task itself does require professionals. Typically, costs aren’t all that high for this service. However, if you’re opting for higher end fibers like wool, then your cost will be higher.

How long it takes to install hard surfacing – pros and cons
On the other hand, hard flooring in Amarillo doesn’t necessarily require a professional installation, though it all depends greatly upon what surfacing material you’ve chosen. If we’re talking about hardwood, then a DIY install is definitely out of the question, as you’ll unquestionably need professional installers. However, there are some easier options that you could install yourself, laminate being one of them. Now, let’s talk about timing. A hardwood install can take several days, while an easier install like with laminate or luxury vinyl planks can take merely a few hours. Again, the more square footage you need to do, the longer it will take, for sure.