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Flooring 101: Shopping for Your Amarillo Home

Whether you’re shopping for carpet, hardwood, or a hard surface like tile, you’ll want a flooring store that has it all.

It’s important to have a large product inventory, with lots of colors, patterns, designs and manufacturers from which to choose, but there should also be services, such as cleaning, installation and design consultations, says Gowdy Flooring, one of the largest emporiums in the Texas panhandle.

After all, your Amarillo home deserves the best, whether it’s flooring, furniture or accessories.

What to Look for, Specifically

Inspiration: Many designers will tell you that flooring is the ultimate expression of personal style. It’s also what sets the foundation for the tone of your home.

You want to be able to explore lots of videos and photo galleries to get plenty of ideas.

Especially with today’s open plans, room designs are not confined to just one separate space, but you also have to make sure the transitions make sense. For example, if your living room opens to the dining room would you want two jarring and conflicting colors?

Knowledge & Skills: When it comes to flooring, you’ll want the most beautiful installation ever, so you want a staff that knows every aspect of materials, for example, carpet fibers. What’s good for one room may not necessarily work for another, or the toughest hardwood species, or the difference between oil-and-water-based veneers.

As for skills, each material requires its own technique and tools, so make sure your contractor has as much knowledge about laying tile, as he or she does carpet. Does the company supply job training?

Customer Service: What’s the policy on returns? How long does it take for them to get back to you? Can they answer questions, or refer you to someone who can? Do they appear to passionate, enthusiastic and just as interested as you in your selection, or do they seem to not care much?

Large Varieties: As well as inventory, does the store also have a good network of quality, reliable suppliers who can provide complimentary categories, such as cabinets, countertops, paint or accessories?

For over 20 years, Gowdy Flooring of Amarillo, TX, has been providing soft surface flooring, as well as hardwood, tile, natural stone and luxury vinyl, so don’t hesitate to come in to see us and experience our expertise.