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Five Signs You Need to Redo Your Hardwood

While any flooring installation will add value to your home, none will add quite as much value as hardwood. Adding character, charm, and warmth to any space, easily-modifiable planks are truly a fantastic choice for any homeowner. Hardwood does, however, require maintenance and upkeep to ensure it always looks as stunning as ever. But even if you’re diligently taking care of your planks, over time, wood can get damaged, or its protective layer can wear down.
It’s normal, really, because as they say, life happens! Luckily, thanks to the beauty of refinishing, there’s no reason to fret, the Gowdy Flooring experts in our Amarillo, TX showroom, have come up with the following list of 6 signs that show your Amarillo flooring needs a redo.
1. Water Damage
Upon the first sign of water on your planks, it’s essential to dry it out as best as possible to limit the water damage. Then, assess the problem; you can give us a call at the flooring store to help you out if you’re having trouble. Basically, you’re looking for signs like staining, buckling, or warping. Unfortunately, if your planks or warped or buckled, then you’re likely in need of a new installation. Stains, on the other hand, can usually be fixed with sanding and varnishing. Above all else, you’ll need to fix the water issue, so the damage doesn’t happen again, and you start the process over.
2. Extensive or Deep Scratches
It’s totally normal to end up with a few small scratches here and there. But if your planks have an extensive number of scratches, or some that are very deep, surpassing the protective layers of your hardwood, then you should definitely consider redoing your flooring in Amarillo. Once that superficial coating is no longer capable of protecting the wood, liquids can enter the damaged areas and result in even further damage.
3. Gray Discoloration
Don’t mistake gray discoloration for a sign of wear, it’s actually red flag that points to serious damage. Amarillo flooring turns gray when its polyurethane layer wears off, which means your planks are no longer protected, and water seeps into the slats. That gray color is the result of wood oxidizing, a very bad sign indeed! The moment this red flag shows itself, it’s crucial to redo your planks, and apply a new protective layer.
4. Extensive Staining
Busy households with kids and pets see a whole lot of activity. And sometimes, all that commotion ends up in stained slats. When not addressed immediately, those stains can get out of hand and impossible to get rid of, unless you redo your planks. Although your may not be considering selling your home anytime soon, it’s always a good idea to take care of your floors. So, if those slats are looking way too stained, it may be time to call in the professionals to sand and refinish them.
5. Sun Discoloration
Sun is wonderful, beautiful, and lovely, but not for your hardwood! Limit exposure to natural light to avoid discoloration over time. The last thing you want is your slats looking faded and washed out. But if they are looking that way, you may want to consider redoing your room, then adding sun-blocking curtains to limit any additional exposure to the sun.