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Five Fantastic Ways to Keep Your Wood Flooring Installation Gorgeous!

Now that you have your new Amarillo flooring, you may be wondering how to protect that gorgeous wood, so it lasts for generations. Indeed, it is possible to keep your hard surfacing in excellent shape for years and years, but only if you protect it from damage. Luckily, our Gowdy Flooring showroom experts in Amarillo, TX, have created this simple yet effective list to help you maintain that stunning wood. 

1) Rugs, Rugs Everywhere (In High Traffic Areas)!
In high traffic locations, you may want to think about placing either rugs, carpets or runners. Ideally, places like hallways should get runners to both minimize any potential damage and keep young children safe from slipping or skidding. Usually, kids like to run back and forth along more extended sections like corridors, which means a lot more dirt from the increased traffic. But also, with all that play, they may end up having a few accidents. Why not protect your kids and flooring in Amarillo at the same time?

2) Keep Pet Nails Trimmed Short
Often, pet lovers don't realize how much scratches and surfacing damage their pet's nails can cause. The truth is, cat and dog nails are at the top of the list of things that really ruin surfacing, sometimes beyond repair. So, keep those pet nails trimmed short!

3) Felt Padding Adds a Lot of Protection
Adding felt pads to the legs and underside of heavier items or furniture, can lessen the damage on surfacing. The best part is, these felt pads are relatively inexpensive! Found almost anywhere, from hardware stores. to flooring stores, to dollar stores, make sure to stick these helpful add-ons to any item that comes into contact with surfacing.

4) Maintain Constant, Ideal Humidity Levels
Usually, the ideal level of humidity is between 35-65%. Keeping your home at this constant level will eliminate issues from warping. Many HVAC systems offer humidity controls. However, you can easily purchase one at a home repair store, if you don't already have a humidity control built into your humidifier or thermostat. 

5) Welcome Visitors With a Welcome Mat

A nice, big welcome mat right outside your front door lessens the chance of outdoor grunge infiltrating your lovely home. Thus, it minimizes potential puddles and grit from ruining your hard surfacing. Go crazy and add one just inside the entryway too!