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Five common misconceptions about flooring installations in Amarillo

Where do we begin? The experts at Gowdy Flooring have heard it all; from “all hardwood is the same” to “I can’t have carpet because I have allergies.”

We could spend this entire post debunking every single product for every flooring installation, but this is about those myths surrounding general installations, not specific floor products.

Here are five that we often hear:

1.The places only sell inventory, they don’t know about anything else. Maybe the big box stores do, but when you come to our flooring store, you’ll also get personalized advice on design, maintenance, trends and more. The floor is one of the largest expressions of personal style, and most likely the biggest investment you’ll make in your home, so you want it to look--and stay--sensational.

2.Anyone can do it. It’s not enough to just hear the vague “Oh, yeah, we do floors.” Whether it’s carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl, natural stone or tile, each requires a different skill set and tools. Get specific; you want to know how familiar the person is with your material.

3.I don’t need to prepare. Come on Amarillo! When flooring is installed, furniture gets moved, and even under the most careful eye, things can spill, break or be misplaced. Clear everything, including floors and, if appropriate, bedding.

Pets should be properly secured. Always be sure to ask, not assume; for instance, a good question always is: “Who is responsible for the disposal of the old floor?”

4.It’s always best to paint first. Not necessarily and, while there’s really no set rule, the most careful installer can scratch up a wall when moving furniture.

5.This can be a great DIY project! Not always, Amarillo. Some types of product, such as hardwood or tile require special sub-floor prep work, and tile is known for being tough to cut and install. If carpet isn’t put down correctly, you’ll have bumps, rolls, wrinkle and more.

In some cases, yes, you can DIY. Luxury vinyl is a “floating installation,” meaning that it can just be put over the existing surface. What’s more, if it’s not in sheet form, you can just click and lock the pieces together.

We love to help, so ask away! Feel free to come into the Gowdy Flooring showroom in Amarillo, TX.