Find the Best in Quality Carpet and Flooring from Mohawk Industries

There are thousands of homeowners and business owners in Amarillo who need and want quality carpet and flooring. One issue some of these folks have is which brand name company can deliver the best in flooring. We often show these customers our great line of Mohawk flooring, and we would like to share with you why we have such confidence in this company.

At Gowdy Flooring, we carry more than 400 high-quality Mohawk carpeting options for home use, and more than 100 carpeting options for commercial use. We would not invest at this level if we did not believe that this company produces some of the best quality carpet and flooring on the market today.
When you shop with us and look at our lines of Mohawk carpeting, you will find those famous fiber brands that America has fallen in love with. These include the world-famous SmartStrand™, EverStrand, and PermaStrand fiber brands. When you see these carpeting systems in person, you will understand why so many homeowners and business owners are turning to Mohawk for all their carpeting needs.

Another benefit that Mohawk offers consumers is the huge array of colors and patterns that they offer. Again, if you visit our showroom in Amarillo, we can show you all of the many colors that are available that run from light to dark and everything in-between. 

One benefit that is often touted as being at the top of the list is the ultimate stain-resistant abilities the SmartStrand lines of carpet offer. These particular lines have been tested under some of the most rigorous conditions, and have passed each one with flying colors. The reason, in simple terms, these carpet lines are so effective in fighting staining, is due to the way that they are produced. With the SmartStrand line of carpeting, stain-resisting formulas are blended right into the fibers themselves. This is not what most other companies do; they simply spray their formula onto the fibers, which means the formula can wash off over time. 

There is much more to know about Mohawk carpeting, and if you visit Gowdy Flooring, we would be happy to share more with you on all of these quality carpet and flooring systems.