Everybody Should Get Stone

stone flooring There is nothing that says opulent living like a natural stone floor in your home. Tiles or pavers that have been cut from the earth are truly a luxury that few can say they have. At Gowdy Flooring, in Amarillo, TX, we realize how important your living space is to your everyday needs. Natural stone flooring is a great addition to your home, not only for its classic feel, but also for its natural ability to dissipate heat and keep your room cooler during the hot summers in Texas. Natural stone flooring comes in granite, limestone, slate, marble and travertine.

Granite is the most durable of all of the stone floor coverings. It is the hardest and resists stains and moisture at the highest level. Dropping objects on the floor usually results in no damage to the flooring itself, but in the rare instances where the flooring may chip, it is recommended that the small pieces be removed quickly to prevent them from scratching the surface of the granite during future use.

Marble is more porous than granite and can be stained. Even water can leave marks on marble if it is not dried immediately. It is a very elegant and natural stone for flooring.

Limestone is slightly softer than marble and is even more susceptible to staining if not cleaned immediately, it is treated with a chemical sealant by the manufacturer and it is used in a more casual application such as a cabin. It can chip easily and can be scratched if exposed to abrasive materials.

Slate is a popular natural stone flooring material and is resistant to water and spills on a fairly consistent basis. Its surface is slightly uneven and duller than it is with the aforementioned materials, so it is slip resistant as well. Slate can chip or even peel away from the surface if exposed to heavy objects dropping on it, and it will crack if laid down on an uneven surface.
At Gowdy Flooring we know natural stone flooring and how to install it properly. Let us be your one-stop shop for all of your natural stone flooring needs. Call us or stop by our Amarillo, TX showroom today.