Does New Amarillo Veterinarian School Show Promise for the City?

If you live in Amarillo, TX, you already that our city has had some problems, but you may also know that there is a lot of progress taking place as well. One of the newest pieces of good news for Amarillo is that we will be getting a new veterinarian school for Texas Tech. While there are still some issues to iron out, the overall look is positive, and this is always good news for homeowners and business owners, as the new school will help boost our local economy. Here is just the first part of this story:
“The Texas House on Friday approved a state budget that included millions in state funding for a new Texas Tech school of veterinary medicine in Amarillo, but the school’s future still remains unclear. The spending plan provides $5.75 million over the next two years. The number is short of the $16.75 million that the Texas Tech University System requested to build the school, which it has estimated to cost $80 to $90 million.”


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