Cast the First Stone

natural stone flooring Natural stone flooring is a beautiful addition to your home that expresses luxury at a high level. Complete stone flooring is the symbol of prosperity. The idea of having you flooring be cut from the earth and polished to a mirror finish, or treated with a moisture barrier and then placed in your home as the floor, is astounding.

Natural stone flooring starts with the softer stones like slate. Slate is very water resistant, and it usually varies in color from a light gray, to a dark gray, to almost black stone. It is very brittle and can break if placed on an uneven surface. It can also flake off in scallops if objects are dropped on its surface. As an indoor application where there will be heavy foot traffic, it is probably not in its best element. However, in an outdoor application such as a patio surface it is perfect because of its naturally rough surface and water resistance. A great option for Amarillo homeowners.

Limestone is the next softest of natural stone flooring. It is porous in nature and requires a moisture barrier to be applied to help prevent staining from spills and standing water. It is also not recommended for high traffic areas, and would be best used in kitchens and bathrooms where traffic tends to be relegated to fewer people at once.

Marble is perhaps one of the most beautiful natural stone flooring products out there. Marble has been used for centuries for its aesthetic properties. The subtle and predominant veins of contrasting colors in the stone create a masterpiece that could only be created by Mother Nature herself. When polished to a mirror finish, it is exquisite in its beauty.

Granite flooring is the workhorse of the stone flooring family. It is the hardest of all of the materials and is water resistant naturally, due to its density. It is almost always shined to a mirror finish, and gives an almost regal heir to any room it is placed in.

At Gowdy Flooring, we have all of the natural stone flooring you are looking for at our Amarillo, TX showroom. So come see us and let us help you cast that first stone.