Carpet and Layering

In carpet, trends are toward elegant patterns. Many are being shown on textured carpets such as looped Berbers. The result is a three-dimensional look. A pattern-on-pattern gives the flooring an elegant, artistic look like a painting on the floor.

Green leaves joinig those browns give us an all-around neutral look. Add some crimsons and warm yellows and you have striking fashions in floor covering and clothing. At this point, you should be thinking that carpet is like a wardrobe selection for your floor.

Patterns are the look of luxury in any type of fiber – olefins, nylons or wool. (When buying patterns, though, investigate the type of fiber you’re buying. Fibers vary by performance characteristics.)

When it comes to selecting which pattern, ask yourself and your retailer how much maintenance is required. Think where you plan to put your patterns (a bedroom or a high-traffic hallway). Consider that busy patterns will help hide soil; if you are using a pattern in a heavy traffic area, you may want to have a busy pattern. Patterns will not hide soil problems as effectively as multicolor cut piles, so use patterns sparingly and give though to the type of pattern you are using and where.

If you have been considering natural fibers, such as coir and sisals, you may want to add area rugs to create the layered look. The layered looks are fashionable in clothing as well as in flooring. It is time to bring out those area rugs that you have been using on the patios and put them in your living room!

If you are installing wall-to-wall carpet, consider combining some hard surface elements as decorative pieces. Think of it as accessorizing.

Decos and trim pieces in ceramic, wood or laminate make for unusual looks, but they usually take a skilled craftsperson for the installation and a flooring design professional who understands the use of sizes and dimensions and what will look good in your space.