Bringing the Indoors Outside

Many flooring materials can enhance the outside of your home by bringing style and comfort to outdoor living areas.

Modern flooring materials are well recognized for their ability to enhance the interior design style and comfort to the rooms in your home. However, there are also products that will do precisely the same thing for your outdoor living areas as well while also adding to the market value of your residence.

The important thing to consider is a matter of deciding which materials will get the job done best and also withstand the environmental conditions of being exposed to the elements over time.

It’s fairly obvious that many types of carpets, hardwoods and laminates are not the proper choices for outdoor applications in areas such as decks, patios, pool walkways or other places where family members and guests are likely to congregate. That having been said, the following problems that work well in interiors can also permit stylish and functional additions to your home’s outdoor areas:

Travertine, a natural limestone and common building material, is also very suitable for use in residential outdoor spaces. Its actual color depends upon the mineral deposits within the stone, and can range widely across the color spectrum. Travertine tiles will provide a naturally rustic appearance that will last for decades with only occasional maintenance and resealing.

Tile will normally last for generations when properly installed and when given regular easy care. Tile can be applied directly on top of a concrete floor. Popular outdoor tile flooring selections include natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain and they are available in a very broad selection of colors, sizes, and patterns. It is definitely recommended to opt for tiles specifically designed for outdoor use that offer slip-resistance and low absorption ratings that will permit them to stand up to freeze-thaw cycles.

Slate is strong and attractive choice for outdoor flooring use. It is easy to take care of and can be had in earth tones that range from grey to terra cotta. Keep in mind that installing a slate floor requires a level surface with a sub-layer of compacted sand, gravel or a combination of the two.

Brick gives your outdoor room a traditional, old-world beauty. Installation is relatively simple – as long as the ground underneath is level and the gravel (or other base layer) is properly compacted before laying the brick. Brick flooring is relatively low-maintenance.

Wood offers easy installation for use in decks, but the wood itself will require a thorough cleaning and resealing every few years to maintain its good looking appearance. Douglas fir is a particularly sound choice due to its stability and freedom from knots.

Indoor/ Outdoor Carpet

Carpet that is designated for both the outdoor and indoor has specialty fibers that that limit fading. The installation requires that this type of carpet be glued straight onto the surface. The backings on most of these carpets are rubber coated or the same as carpet used in a marine application. Outdoor carpet is best suited on wood decks or concrete surfaces. Of course as you would expect, it is ideal at poolside.

Today the color choices are abundant and you are sure to find the perfect color, design or pattern to complement your outdoor décor.