If you have been searching for flooring for your home that is natural, durable and beautiful, then natural stone flooring may be just what you’ve been looking for. There is a wide range of stone flooring on the market today, each of them unique and durable in their own way. Homeowners all over the state of Texas are choosing stone flooring and those of you around the Amarillo area, can count on Gowdy Flooring to provide you with the best quality stone flooring around.

All Texas natives can understand what it is like dealing with those extremely hot summer days. Natural stone flooring is there to help you keep cool through those scorching temperatures. Stone flooring stays cool naturally, so it is ideal for homeowners who live in warmer climates. In addition to helping you beat the heat, stone flooring is also the best flooring for people who suffer from severe allergies.

There are many kinds of natural stone flooring, and it is important to arm yourself with the knowledge to help find the right one for your home. Each kind of stone flooring differs in strength and stain resistance based on the size of the pores in the stone and how many of them there are. The kinds of stone without pores, such as slate or granite, are going to be more dense and durable. These are the kinds of stone flooring that you will want for areas in your home with more foot traffic such as the kitchen and entryways. Marble, travertine and limestone are the more porous stones and require a bit more maintenance, because they require regular coats of sealant and need to be cleaned frequently to help prevent stains.

Natural stone floorings are trending for more than just practical reasons. Stone flooring is one of the most beautiful and unique kinds of flooring and they are like Mother Nature’s gift to homeowners everywhere. Gowdy Flooring is available to all Texas residents near Amarillo who are interested in checking out some beautiful new stone floors.