Amarillo's Best Natural Stone

natural stone flooring in Amarillo If you are looking for flooring that is beautiful, completely natural and will never go out of style, then consider natural stone flooring for your Amarillo home. There are many beautiful kinds of stone flooring such as granite, marble, limestone, slate and travertine. Stone has been a top flooring choice for thousands of years because of its durability and classic aesthetic. Gowdy Flooring is the leading provider of stone flooring in all of Northern Texas and they are eager to help you find the stone flooring that is perfect for you.

Natural stone flooring can be found in an incredibly large variety of colors and patterns. Granite flooring is best used in busy kitchens and bathrooms because of its slip-resistant texture and its beautiful colors. Limestone is known for it’s more natural and earthen appearance and is a truly unique stone. Limestone is in such high demand because each slab that is cut has colors that can vary from tile to tile so each tile is like a unique piece of art.

Marble has become a cultural symbol for luxury and elegance since the Greek and Roman architects took to it back in 50 AD. In modern times it is best used in more formal spaces such as dining rooms or great rooms. Travertine is similar to marble but has more diverse style options and is very durable. These kinds of natural stone flooring each bring a lot of character and a sense of permanence into each home. Also, stone flooring is a hot commodity in real estate and will greatly increase the resale value of your home.

With natural stone flooring, you can guarantee your home decades of easy maintenance, beautiful floors. To find more details on stone flooring consult the experts at Gowdy Flooring and browse through all of their top quality stone flooring.