Amarillo TX Home Sales On the Rise and So Is Natural Stone Flooring

stone flooring in Amarillo With home sales increasing in the Amarillo, TX area, many homeowners are considering adding natural stone flooring to those homes. This is true for those who are buying new residences and for those who want to increase their asking price when they are selling. Natural stone flooring is also a great way to increase the value of a home that is not currently on the market, but may be in the future.

In a recent story, it was reported that Amarillo, TX is one of the areas in the US that is actually seeing positive news in terms of real estate sales.

“Amarillo home sales rose 10.5 percent in the second quarter of 2015 to 958 single-family home sales, while median price grew 8.3 percent to $157,050 during the same time frame.” Source: My High Plains <a href="">Texas Home Sales Rise, Amarillo Home Sales Rise 10.5%</a> by Karl Wehmhoener.
It is a known fact that homes that have natural stone flooring can bring a higher sale price. The reason for this is simple: natural stone flooring is considered to be one of the most elegant and long-lasting flooring systems known to man. A quality natural stone floor can last for centuries and is one of the most durable floors one can have installed in a home or business place.

Homeowners will be pleased to know that they can find a variety of options when it comes to natural stone floors. Granite, marble, travertine are just a few of the choices that consumers now have in Amarillo, TX. In the past, finding natural stone floors that met a consumer's needs and budget could be challenging, but that is not the case today.

Natural stone flooring is also a good investment for those who are not planning on selling their home right now, but may wish to do so in the future. By having a natural stone floor installed now, the homeowner can enjoy the many benefits that come with this type of flooring and still be able to add value to the price of the home at the time of sale.

This type of flooring requires special installation techniques so most homeowners would do well to hire professionals to install the floor. Those who have questions about natural stone flooring can stop by the Amarillo, TX location of Gowdy Flooring where they can get reliable answers on this special type of flooring.