Amarillo Homeowners Just Love the Rustic Beauty And Durability Of Natural Stone Flooring

natural stone flooring
We’d be hard-pressed to find a design professional who didn’t favor anything natural, so we want to tell Amarillo all about natural stone flooring.

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First, natural stone flooring is beautiful and timeless; never looking outdated and having a rustic charm that Amarillo residents will love, especially love if the design is nature-driven. It fits into any motif, from modern to traditional; in fact, you’ll find it in some of the most opulent palaces around the world.

Second, natural stone flooring is durable, with stain-resistance and strength depending upon the pore size found in the stone. Put another way, hard, nonporous dense stone, such as granite or slate, is the best choice for area like entryways, kitchens or bathrooms which have high-traffic. On the other hand, marble, limestone and travertine are considered porous stone requiring a sealant application along with regular cleaning to avoid staining and pitting.

The cool surface of natural stone flooring is especially good when it’s hot, but it’s also a great choice if you have allergies. Generally speaking, you’ll want natural stone flooring with a smoother surface, because that is the most water-resistance and will repel mold and bacteria; a rougher surface might hold onto them. For some additional protection, we seal the grout.

You must have a professional installation

Natural stone flooring requires a lot the time and expertise for a successful installation; it’s not a do-it-yourself project! Hire an experienced professional installer, such as one at Gowdy Flooring in Amarillo, who will make sure that there is a proper substrate or surface on which the stone tile will be installed. Our experts are also knowledgeable about subfloors you have so they can install the proper backers that will prevent moisture and provide general support.