flooring in Armarillo, TX

Amarillo Homeowners Find Their Own Style with Flooring

“Designing from the floor up” is a phrase we often hear. What that means is that the flooring installation can set the tone for the design of the entire room, and there’s nothing like a flooring store to get your creative juices flowing! What with a dizzying array of colors, patterns and textures, it’s easy to find your own look, and “customization” is one of the big buzzwords of 2018, so you’ll be right in line with the trend.

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Tile is a popular choice for Amarillo flooring, but we know it’s a big investment, so make sure you do your research to find your style.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

● Terracotta. Some people mistakenly think tile is cold and sterile. That’s not true, but if you do have that concern, terracotta may be the answer for you. They’re rustic-looking, and with that brownish-burnt orange color, they add warmth and comfort.
● Color is big this year, and The Pantone Color Institute, a leading global authority on color trends, has named Ultra Violet as the 2018 “Color of The Year.” Purple has a mystical quality that energizes and soothes at the same time. Are you concerned about price? Don’t be, because you can always use a more inexpensive one for the larger square footage, with the more highly designed ones as an accessory.
● There’s been some debate as to whether “subway tiles”, those white, oblong tiles, are on their way out. No one really knows the answer to that, but if you’d personally like to change your tile, and just don’t have the budget right now, only change the grout. It will add a touch of color and, who knows, maybe you’ll even use a purple shade!
● Patterns and textures are always popular. Geometric patterns, wood-look tiles, wood parquet looks, marble and stone looks. You name it. Speaking of wood-look tiles, that’s a great choice for anywhere you’d really love hardwood, but can’t install it because of the moisture, such as kitchens or baths. While wood can warp with excess water, tile is impervious.
● Glazing. A glaze can add texture, especially those high-gloss finishes. They’re also functional, because a glazed tile requires less maintenance; it becomes a protective layer that makes the tile completely impervious to water and stains.

Come into Gowdy Flooring in Amarillo, TX and let us show you just how active your imagination can get.