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Amarillo Homeowners Find Quality Carpet and Flooring at Gowdy Flooring

What a sweet story (pun intended). We saw this story around Halloween and, while Halloween is past, stories like this touch our hearts so it warrants repeating: Kids around Amarillo exchanged their Halloween treats at the Kool Smiles Dental Office. The kids brought them to the Kool Smiles Dental office in exchange for a toy, while their candy was sent to deployed U.S. troops. To read the entire story: www.amarillo.com by Globe News Staff

Gowdy Flooring has been locally owned and operated since 1997, and we have strong ties to Amarillo. That’s why stories like this make us swell with pride.

We’re the place to go for quality carpet and flooring, and our mission is to help you design the home of your dreams. The floor sets the foundation for the entire design of a room, so you want the best quality carpet and flooring.

The choices are so overwhelming, so how do you decide?

These questions will help you find the right type of flooring:

1. Think about style. Are you traditional, contemporary, or a little whimsical? What does your perfect room look like, i.e., a spa-like bathroom or an ultra-modern kitchen? Do you like color or neutral? Make a list of “must haves” and “deal-breakers.” Are you the type of person who likes to stick with one look for a long time, or do you like to do mini-remodelings from time-to-time?
2. What are some of your favorite colors that you’d like to incorporate in your home? Get as specific as possible with the shade; for instance, not “green,” but perhaps “sage green.” This isn’t as strange as it sounds, because many colors have undertones and if you ignore them, your design might seem a little amiss, and when it’s a quality carpet or flooring, it will be sure to have them.
3. Think about your lifestyle. Do you have kids or pets? Does your home have heavy foot traffic? Do you entertain?
4. Are you particularly inspired by nature, concerned about the environment, a person who needs lots of sunlight?

Answering these questions will help you find the right quality carpet and flooring; for you, whether it’s carpet, hardwood, tile, stone, or luxury vinyl. Come into Gowdy Flooring and let our flooring specialists help you design the home of your dreams. We service Amarillo, TX and the Texas panhandle.