Amarillo Gets Ready for Indoor and Outdoor Home Improvements

Picture Homeowners across Amarillo are looking forward to making home improvements this summer. Some people will focus on making their yards more attractive. Others will be looking to improve the interior of their homes. We recently noticed a short article telling Amarillo homeowners how to get help with their yard work. It read, in part:

“AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - If you're looking for some much needed improvements to the outside of your home, Habitat for Humanity wants to help. A Brush of Kindness is part of Habitat for Humanity's revitalization program and focuses on minor repair services to the exterior of a home so homeowners can continue to live in safe, decent home for years to come.”

Source: <a href="">A brush of kindness</a> by Angelica Brown.
For those homeowners who may be thinking about interior improvements, Gowdy Flooring would like to suggest that you consider natural stone flooring. There are some very good reasons to consider this type of flooring, and here are a few.

To start, natural stone flooring is unique. Every stone is different and when natural stone flooring is installed properly, you get a floor that is like no other in the world. We offer a variety of stone flooring options, in a variety of colors and grain, and because we have such a huge selection, we are one of the premier sources for stone flooring in this area.

Second, a natural stone flooring system will add value to your home. As you may already know, a natural stone floor will last for decades, if not longer. It is not at all uncommon for stone flooring to last longer than the home's structure, to be blunt about it. Stone flooring, because of its longevity and beauty, simply makes a home more valuable.

We offer our customers natural stone flooring in granite, marble, limestone, and slate. These are the timeless stone floors that homeowners love and seek out, and we have all of them.

We also offer the best in stone flooring installation. It should be understood that installing a natural stone floor requires special skills and experience. This is not the type of installation that most homeowners want to attempt on their own, and it certainly is not the type of install you want to trust to someone without experience.

If you are considering home improvements this summer, come by Gowdy Flooring and see our selection of natural stone flooring. We are confident that you will like what you see.