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Amarillo Finds the Best Flooring if a Dog Lives in the Home

Ever see that funny television commercial where the two dogs play and jump all over each other, then we hear “Oops! But he was tickling me.”

Every pet owner can relate, but believe it or not, pet accidents aren’t really the number one concern about your flooring installation if you have a dog, or dogs.

What you might be most concerned about is traction. If your dog is older, or it the dog loves to run and play, he can crash right into a wall and hurt himself.

You’ll also want durability, because those nails can dent and scratch.

Gowdy Flooring in Amarillo is going to break it down, flooring type by flooring type, with the pros and cons of each, if you have a dog. Don’t hesitate to come into our showroom in Amarillo, TX, to look at our products and talk to our experts. We service the Texas Panhandle.

● Luxury Vinyl. First, forget about what you saw decades ago. It’s looks like hardwood or tile, but without the accompanying price tag.

Luxury vinyl is 100 percent waterproof; I once had a dog whose greatest source of amusement was to keep knocking over his water dish, so I appreciated that! It’s also scratch-resistant, thanks to a clear plastic wear-layer on top, and has good traction.

● Carpet. If your dog is older, sick or incontinent, a rug with a lower pile is best.

Carpet is warm and soft, and that makes moving and standing much easier. Traction is excellent.

● Hardwood: Keep nails trimmed and select the hardest wood, because nails can scratch and dent. Lucky for you, Amarillo, hardwood flooring lasts for decades, and be refinished multiple times if it’s solid, but engineered a little less so.

● Tile: Easy to clean, tile is completely impervious to water, it gets pretty slippery. You can counter it by creating a thicker grout line and, on the other hand, the dog is going to love the coolness.

Gowdy Flooring is a large flooring store with an extensive inventory. We’ll be happy to discuss the best flooring for both you and your pet.