A brief wood flooring installation guide

A brief wood flooring installation guide

You will eventually prepare to schedule your installation as you solidify your decision for wood flooring in your upcoming remodel. We'll give you all the details based on your chosen materials, installation space, and requirements, and here's a brief guide to that experience.

Hardwood installation, and you

No matter what hardwood flooring you choose, the installation process starts with acclimation to ensure equalized humidity levels between the flooring and installation environment. This process can take one to three days, after which the installation can continue as usual.

The installation can change depending on whether you choose pre-finished or site-finished materials. For example, with pre-finished solid or engineered wood floors, your hardwood arrives with stain color and finish already applied, but site-finished materials must be finished once the materials are in place in your home.

The plank width can also change your installation time, with thin planks taking longer, resulting in more seams throughout the floor's surface. But the wider the plank, the shorter the installation period, as fewer planks are put into place throughout the hardwood flooring installation.

Choose our showroom for your wood flooring needs

Gowdy Flooring is proud to serve our clients with an outstanding selection of materials and decades of hardwood flooring experience for results that are sure to please, regardless of the remodeling size. From product selection to designing to installation and beyond, we're here to walk through every step of your project to give you the confidence you deserve for your new flooring.

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