Amarillo flooring

You’re in Luck When it Comes to Flooring, Amarillo

We get it. Choosing a new flooring installation is overwhelming, and a flooring store can make your head swim, what with all the options available.

So Gowdy Flooring, the place to buy your Amarillo Flooring, is giving you a little heads up, with a list of questions you should ask any flooring pro.


1. Will this flooring type fit into my lifestyle? What, exactly, constitutes “normal wear and tear. Do you entertain? Do you have kids, pets, or elderly people in your house. Are you concerned about trips, falls or spills?
2. Will the flooring type work in the room where it’s to be installed? Is there heavy moisture?
3. Do I need to do anything with the subfloor? Will the floor be installed in the basement where there could be a concrete substrate? Is it in the kitchen where appliances are often attached to the subfloor?
4. What should I do to prepare? Do I move furniture out, or do you? Will I need to move out? How long will it take? What happens if something breaks; who pays for the damage?
5. What will happen to the old floor? Will you haul it away and, if so, what will that cost?
6. Can I take some samples home? This is important, because some things might look great in the store, or online, but not-so-much when you get them home. The room’s lighting may be an issue, or the flooring just may not look good with your color scheme. You can avoid this issue by taking samples home and holding them up in your room to see how they fit in with your style. You’ll be able to coordinate much better.
7. What are all the costs? This is really important, because you can’t just factor in the cost of the flooring. There are also accessories (such as finishes and varnishes), installation and possibly hauling away of the old. Maybe the subfloor will need some work. Be totally prepared.
8. What are the warranties and guarantees? Check them thoroughly to see what they cover and, even more important, what they don’t. For instance, if your flooring isn’t installed exactly to their specifications (i.e., do-it-yourself), damages may not be covered. Some carpet manufacturers add a clause requiring the carpet to be cleaned at specific intervals. Don’t be blindsided!

For Amarillo Flooring, there’s just one place to go, Gowdy Flooring. Our showroom is in Amarillo, TX and we service the entire Texas Panhandle.