Luxury vinyl flooring in Amarillo, TX from Gowdy Flooring

Yes! You can find your unique look with luxury vinyl flooring!

Luxury vinyl flooring gives you a wealth of impressive benefits across the board. But unique visual appeal is likely to be most important to you.

These floors work well for homeowners who have a personalized style in the home. In addition, they offer a customized match that could serve you for years to come.

Wood and stone looks

With luxury vinyl flooring, you can choose from an array of wood and stone looks. Choose a species, stain color, and format that matches your needs.

Better still, you can enjoy the unique look of rare woods, and high-end stone LVT flooring, without breaking the bank. These visuals are sure to create conversation when you entertain guests.

Tile looks with an extensive range

When you look for tile visuals, you'll find extensive options with a wide range. Moroccan, Arabesque, and Encaustic are just a few unique and vibrant visuals.

You can also opt for geometric shapes, animal prints, and exciting patterns. And each one offers something unique and customized.

Changing layouts and designs

No matter which looks you choose, you can add another exciting layer to the visual. For example, consider a variety of installation layouts like herringbone, chevron, or staggered.

Luxury vinyl flooring gives you even more control over the look you achieve, and we can help. So, share your flooring vision, and we'll take care of the rest.

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