When is it best to choose engineered wood flooring?

When is it best to choose engineered wood flooring?

You're not alone if you have questions about engineered wood floors and their perfect placement. Many homeowners have heard of engineered wood flooring and wonder when the best time is to use these floors, so here are some ideas for you.

Here’s what to know about engineered materials

All hardwood products offer exceptional benefits, including timeless and elegant visuals and durability, lasting 30 to over 100 years with professional installation. Finding the products that are an excellent fit for your specific needs can take more information.

For instance, solid hardwood flooring isn't always the perfect choice when you need protection from dampness and humidity. Solid products are natural wood through and through and can eventually begin to warp, crack, or split if moisture levels are too high.

That's when engineered wood floors come to the rescue, offering better performance in spaces with constant humidity and moisture. Thanks to the construction of layered plywood as a backing material topped with a natural wood veneer, these floors can withstand environments that solid wood cannot.

You may also be well-served by options with pre-finished surfaces, which can be much harder than site-finished engineered wood floors. While you’re here, talk with our associates about the many differences between these two products.

We have the wood flooring you need

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