Hardwood flooring from Gowdy Flooring in Amarillo, TX

What species can I find in hardwood?

Right now, there are five popular species:  Hickory, maple, oak (both red and white), cherry, and walnut.  Know that you certainly aren’t limited to these, because there are hundreds of domestic and exotic species from which to choose.  Your choice will ultimately come down to your personal preference and style. Ask yourself some questions and then have a detailed discussion your hardwood flooring retailer

Do you have extra durability needs?

Not all species have the same level of hardness.  Hickory, known as the hardest domestic, is five times stronger than aspen. When choosing hardwood flooring, ask about the Janka Scale.  It measures hardness (impact only--not for scratches and other wear and tear), and the higher the number the stronger the wood.

What’s the difference between an exotic and domestic species?

Domestic species are grown in North America, while exotics are grown outside of N.A.  Here’s where it can get confusing; a species may be grown, but not harvested, in N.A.  In that case, the classification is made according to where it’s harvested. Exotics are harder than domestics, as well as darker and more dramatic.

Style considerations

Do you prefer lots of knots, swirls, and raised grains, or would you rather have more subdued wood floors?  That will affect your choice of species because some, like white oak, has an abundance of these features, while others, such as cherry, are quieter.

Also, consider the plank width.  Wider planks are currently trending and they are more traditional with plenty of room to display the knots and swirls. Narrow planks are more casual and contemporary, and you might prefer it also if you have a smaller space.

Think about the color tone.  The darker shades are more traditional, while the lighter ones are more airy, youthful, and contemporary.  Medium tones give you the best of both worlds.

There’s so much to learn about hardwood floors.  It’s not a simple matter of choosing a species only based on initial appearance.  Come into our showroom in Amarillo, TX and our experts will help you find the right choice.  Gowdy Flooring has strong ties to the community and services Amarillo, Canyon, Dumas, Borger, Hereford, TX.