Three ways to achieve a high-end hardwood flooring look

Three ways to achieve a high-end hardwood flooring look

When you need the best wood floors in Amarillo, TX, why not choose a high-end look that adds elegance and character and one of the most extensive lifespans in the industry? Here are three ways to achieve a high-end hardwood flooring look and enjoy those visuals for years.

High-end hardwood looks you’ll love

Hardwood flooring offers an impressive visual that never seems out of style, so creating a high-end look is easier than you think. Here are three ways to get that look for every area of your home.

  1. High-contrast hardwood – It may feel like a daring option, but installing high-contrast hardwood flooring planks can create a stunning result. You can also achieve this contrasted visual by matching dark flooring with light furniture or wall colors.
  2. A herringbone installation pattern – Few personal touches add the same play and intrigue as a herringbone installation. The result is an artistic, elegant, and deliciously complicated floor covering.
  3. Gray hardwood colors – Gray creates an airy, bright appeal with minimalistic aesthetics to cater to any décor scheme you have in place. You can go light, dark, or contrasted, and each one creates a high-end appeal for hardwood floors you won't want to miss.

The best hardwood flooring for your needs

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