Frequently asked flooring questions | Amarilla, TX

Some important FAQs for you

In the process of choosing new flooring for your home, you may have very important questions. As a service to our customers, Gowdy Flooring would like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions right here for your convenience. If you’d like more information or further explanations of anything you see here, be sure to visit us at our showroom in Amarilla, TX.

How can I cut down the amount of static electricity on my carpet?

Static builds up in any carpet where the relative humidity is extremely low. You can get some relief by running a humidifier in the room or contacting us to ask about commercial products specifically for this issue. Since static can cause synthetic fibers to break down prematurely, it’s important to get this problem under control quickly for the best results.

How long will I have to wait to walk on my newly finished floors?

This depends entirely on what type of finish was used on your hardwood floors. The period can range from 24 to 72 hours for walking on the floors, and sometimes even longer before putting furniture back in the room. Be sure to contact us to determine the finish that will work best for your lifestyle and time constraints.

Are wall and floor tiles that different?

Wall tiles are almost always softer, lighter, and thinner than an average flooring tile. They are also glazed in such a way that abrasion and traffic are not well tolerated. While wall tiles are never suggested for use on floors, flooring tiles have, with some success, been used on walls with good results.

Can I get the exact color I want in natural stone?

There are massive color varieties to be found in natural stone. However, it’s important to remember that specific types of stone have some specific variations. Travertine, for instance, usually come in golds, yellows, and beiges. Additionally, no two pieces are ever the same, so even if you choose one type of stone, the color can still vary slightly.

Will my luxury vinyl flooring need waxing?

No, you will never have to wax your luxury vinyl flooring. Manufacturer’s apply the necessary topcoat to your vinyl floors that keep them looking good for years, so you never have to worry about waxing. Attempting to wax these floors can lead to the degradation of the protective coating and add smears that may never come off.