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Re-Design Inspiring Modern Quality Carpet and Flooring Trends

Get to know the latest quality carpet and flooring renovation trends so you can decide what new style will adorn your bedroom, entryway, or family den. Back in the day, carpet colors were few and far between. Homeowners could only choose among colors like off-white, beige, light caramel, beige-ish. Well, you get the idea. There just wasn't much excitement in the carpet design and manufacturing world, so it wasn't a popular option for home makeovers.

During this (boring) time, interior designers that did use carpeting treated it more as an afterthought; the canvas background of a room as opposed to an eye-catching design element. That has certainly changed recently with the introduction of patterns, textures, and a gorgeous palette of quality carpet coloration. Instead of a 'Blah' backdrop, it's an 'Oooh, Ahhhh' quality carpet and flooring masterpiece!

Modern-day trends lean more towards the use of many visual design qualities and textural possibilities. Presently, manufacturers have started incorporating an eye-pleasing triad of light patterns, richer textures, and some color flecks, which makes for one luxurious feast for the senses. Additionally, several other carpet designs have come along that are equally charming. For example, there are neutral-colored backdrops that have a light sprinkling of color, adding an exciting dimension, all while hiding any drink or food accidents. As well, there is neutral-toned carpeting, like cream, beige, and tan, that have color flecks entwined in the fibers. Lastly, another lovely color choice that is making a comeback from the 90s, is the light pastel neutrals, such as pale yellows, light tones of blue, and soft greens.

Combining texture and coloring is another new shift in the manufacturing of carpeting, where a softer pile texture has layered colors. This design pattern and carpet texture combination are incredibly popular, mainly because of its ability to disguise carpet marks like vacuum lines, stains, or soil. If you're worried about coordinating your patterned furnishings with a new carpet, then consider carpeting that has a woven or applied pattern, like flowers, leaves, or ivy vines, which match well with other patterns. If you're looking to make a loud, flashy design statement, you may want to look into a full, wall-to-wall Saxony carpet in a color that packs a visual punch.

Carpet manufacturers have also come up with new methods of carpet construction, particularly with low-and-high loop yarns, as well as cut-and-loop yarns. With these wonderfully constructed design alternatives, you can give your room one compelling character, especially when combined with other patterns in the room, such as stripes or florals.

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