Hardwood flooring installation that lasts a lifetime

Hardwood flooring installation that lasts a lifetime

When it comes to your wood flooring installation, professional services are the key to ensuring the surface lasts a lifetime. With careful planning and skilled execution of every step, professional services also give you the peace of mind you deserve with your new hardwood surface.

In addition to a fantastic lifespan, these professional services ensure a stunning visual appeal. Here are some facts for you as you prepare for your upcoming hardwood flooring remodel.

The first step: acclimation

Before hardwood flooring products can be installed, they must first be acclimated to the environment into which they’ll be installed. This process lets your hardwood floors in Amarillo, TX, adjust to the humidity and temperature of the room, so there's less chance you'll experience expansion or contraction after installation.

Each manufacturer offers recommendations concerning the acclimation process, which can last from one to three days. Once the materials have reached their equilibrium, installation can continue as normal.

Subfloor considerations

Subfloor preparation is crucial in your new flooring experience, as it creates a stable foundation for your planks. Once your old flooring is removed, we will thoroughly inspect the subflooring to ensure there are no uneven spaces or wood flooring areas that are damaged.

Addressing subfloor issues first, and doing any necessary repairs, can ensure you won’t have to worry about future problems like warping or squeaking areas. The length of this portion of the installation can vary, depending on the needs that arise during the inspection phase.

Moisture resistance is critical

One of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your new hardwood materials is to take preventative measures against moisture, especially over time. We will add moisture barriers, such as vapor barriers or moisture-resistant underlayment, especially in areas with lots of humidity and spills.

Wood flooring may not be the best addition in rooms like laundry rooms and bathrooms, but it can be beneficial to consider engineered wood or another type of water-resistant flooring. Water damage is a primary cause of flooring replacement, but there are ways to avoid the ordeal and enjoy a long and peaceful lifespan.

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