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Flooring to make your home “green”

“Going green” refers to eco-friendly building practices, and we’re seeing a lot of this in the Amarillo home: Low VOCs, LEDs, and sustainable flooring.

At Gowdy Flooring, we’re proud to be a long-time resident of the Texas Panhandle, and we have a strong attachment to Amarillo. We take your concerns and values seriously and, as everyone is becoming more and more environmentally conscious, so must we keep up.

Green building is a big 2019 trend, and you’ll find a big inventory of stylish and environmentally friendly flooring in our Amarillo store.
What does sustainable mean?
Sustainable means long-lasting. Recyclable is an important part of the definition, but it isn’t the only one. Also explored are natural materials, the manufacturing process and the product’s effect on the environment.

●Hardwood flooring is exceptionally friendly to the earth, and it can be an enduring fixture in your Amarillo home, lasting for decades.

The biggest concern is deforestation, and most trees take anywhere from 13 to 20 years to reach maturity. As long as a company practices responsible forestry (such as not participating in illegal logging or encouraging soil destruction), there isn’t any danger to the forest.

Trees also use less energy in the manufacturing process.

●Natural stone, like hardwood, lasts for decades. There are no synthetic materials, and it has low impact on the environment. Over the years, the quarries have been replaced with modern mining techniques, not to mention that in a location like Amarillo, this flooring epitomizes Southwest style interior design!

●Carpet. This flooring is one of the most popular choices, and if you’re planning an installation, look carefully at the types materials used in the production.

It’s important to remember that a man-made product can be even more eco-friendly that the natural counterparts because of technological advances, as well as the inclusion of natural materials (such as corn).

Luxury vinyl. This one may surprise you, but technological advances continue to improve the process. That’s the case here: The main ingredient is chlorine, which comes from saltwater. The manufacturing process is so tight that the chlorine doesn’t emit gasses.

Feel free to come into the Gowdy Flooring showroom in Amarillo, so we can tell you about eco-friendly flooring.