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Everything’s bigger in Texas

And that goes for decorating with your Amarillo flooring. Whether your style is retro chic, southwest, traditional or contemporary, you’ll find everything you need for flooring in Amarillo at the area’s largest flooring store, Gowdy.

Here are just some things that are hot this year:

Color. The Pantone Color Institute is the ultimate global authority on color, and the company selected coral as the 2019 Color of the Year. Many think coral’s a pink shade, but it’s really an orange hue…”vibrant, without being overpowering,” says the Pantone website, adding that it energizes and enlivens.

The media outlet, Elle Decor.Com predicts that coral will be in every house this year, so what about yours Amarillo? If you’re in the market for carpet as your flooring of choice, maybe consider this hue; it works well with so many colors, including blue, and there will definitely be a wow factor.

Shapes. We all know about the hexagon, diamond, octagon and triangle tile shapes, but did you know you can mix and match them to create your own unique pattern? Even subway tiles, those traditionally white rectangular pieces, come in different shapes and sizes that can be combined. Many designers state that flooring is the ultimate expression of personal style, so create yours; and, by the way, tile makes for a completely waterproof installation.

You can also add some touches of color; a few pieces inserted into counter or an interesting backsplash to create the retro chic look.

Gray Floors. This is a trend that isn’t expected to end anytime soon, and a gray hardwood floor can create a wonderful rustic or farmhouse look. Problem is, wood is damaged by excess water and moisture and doesn’t always work in a kitchen prone to leaks, cooking steam or even dishwasher floods.

So here’s a good alternative: Luxury vinyl. It comes in an assortment of colors, species and textures to give it a remarkable simulation of “the real deal” and, like tile, this material is 100 percent waterproof. Yes, you can also get it to mimic natural stone or tile!

Come into the Gowdy Flooring showroom in Amarillo, TX, and we’ll suggest ways to make your home the next “hot stuff.”