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Commonly asked flooring questions: Does laminate need to be glued to the subfloor?

If you’re not that familiar with laminate flooring, then you may be confused about the installation process. Many homeowners come to our Gowdy Flooring showroom in Amarillo, TX with their renovation questions. While the vast majority of them will indeed hire professionals for their installation, they nonetheless would like to better comprehend the entire process. It is their home redesign after all, and they should certainly have a clear understanding of exactly what their installers will be doing.

Today, let’s go over the basic process of installing laminate floors and if they do need to be glued in place.

To glue or not to glue?

Professional installers seldom need to glue laminate to the subfloor. It is not recommended to do so for this type of flooring. Since most installations use click/lock systems, laminate becomes what's known as a floating floor, sitting atop your pre-existing subfloor. There is no need for glues of any kind, as this system is quite stable, and doesn’t require further connection to the flooring below it.

Instances where glue is used

As mentioned, it is uncommon to glue planks to each other. However, in areas that are prone to water, your installer may decide to use glue between the planks to further solidify the bond and prevent water damage. Doing so typically strengthens the link between planks and creates a more water-resistant system. In such instances, the glue acts as a barrier to avert water from leaking into the plank cores. In rooms like the bathroom, mudroom, and certain areas of the kitchen or entryway, this extra step may be quite helpful.

Do it right with an expert installer

As we regularly tell our customers at our laminate flooring store, it’s always best to rely on an expert installer for a solid, sturdy installation. Since they’re specialists who do this type of workday-in and day-out, you're assured excellent results.

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