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4 fantastic reasons why tile flooring is perfect for pets

Durable and ultra-stylish, tile floors are a great option for households with pets. With its low porous factor and high density, they're extremely hard to damage, while also looking fashionable and elegant. What's more, they're not only available in a vast assortment of colors, styles, and patterns, but they're also super easy to clean and maintain. If you have pets, then check out the following 4 reasons why tile floors would be perfect for your home.

1. Easy to clean

There’s no other floor that’s easier to clean than porcelain or ceramic. Instead of falling through cracks or getting caught in fibers, pet hair, dirt, and dust simply sits atop tiles until swept away. As for liquids, they can be quickly wiped off. If you don’t catch them in time before they dry out, they’ll come loose easily with a warm, damp cloth.

2. Won't trap smells or stain quickly

Hairballs and urine mishaps won't discolor ceramic or porcelain, and odors will not become entrapped in the surfacing. Grout is safe from odor retention as well, as long as you use no-seal grout.

3. No danger of scratches or need for refinishing

If you have skittish cats or playful pups, then chances are your floors may undergo some sort of damage, be it scratches or chew marks. Luckily, that’s not the case at all with ceramic or porcelain floors. With a MOHS hardness scale of between 7-9, where 1 is as soft as talc and 10 is as hard as diamonds, your furry friends would need titanium claws to damage your tile!

4. Patterns hide paw prints and pet fur

Don't get annoyed by every strand of fur or paw print. With a myriad of patterns and designs to choose from, you can get tiles that easily hide dust, dirt, and other things that appear on the surfacing. Keep your floors immaculate by choosing stripes, swirls or even a mosaic design!

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