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Three qualities of a superb Amarillo flooring installer

Choosing a great flooring installation team for your Amarillo flooring project is an important decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. There is a lot that hinges on the flawless success of your flooring installation, and failure to find a quality installer could have knock-on effects that are both inconvenient and even costly.

With that in mind, it is obvious that choosing the right people for the job is a top priority, but how do you know you've found a winner? Here are three things that you should consider "bare minimum" from any prospective installer.

They are properly insured

One of the biggest ways you can shoot yourself in the foot, from a financial perspective, is to hire an outfit that doesn't have the proper insurance. This means both insurance for workmanship issues, as well as worker's compensation insurance for the workers.

Failure to meet this requirement could end in a costly legal battle, and even leave you stuck with the cost of fixing a botched job, or medical bills for an injured employee. Nobody needs that! Make sure your team is covered, so you can rest assured that you won't be left on the hook!

They are happy to provide references and samples of their work

Any team worth their salt should be more than eager to show off their past work! If they're so good, what are they afraid of? Only shoddy craftsman have a reason to dodge the issue of references, or showing their previous work. If a prospective installer is dodgy about this, move right along. They aren't worth your time!

They have an actual brick-and-mortar flooring store

Some teams that install flooring in Amarillo are fly-by-night operators that do their work out of the back of a van. While there might be some extremely competent teams that operate this way, most are not. Having an actual, brick-and-mortar store, is a good sign that your team is well-equipped, well-stocked with the latest materials and styles, and fully dedicated to the flooring industry, not just moonlighting for extra cash on the side.

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