It’s not enough for a flooring store to only sell product, says Gowdy Flooring. The staff must be able to answer questions, and make recommendations, as well as know something about design and even the local area, and that’s what makes us an expert on Amarillo flooring.

Amarillo is rich in history, and its backdrop is dotted with art deco designs and Spanish revival homes. It includes a unique combination of traditional, old-style Western ranches with many of today’s modernisms.

Natural stone is the perfect architectural material to choose for your Amarillo home, whether it’s for flooring, your kitchen counter, or around the fireplace. It’s often seen in kitchens and bathrooms, but is also appropriate for use in the living/dining area, library, foyer, and of course outside.

is perfect for flooring because this installation is:

●A timeless beauty: It never goes out of style; choose marble for a glamorous European palazzo look. Slate, a little more rustic, mimics the look of old European castles. Limestone gives a contemporary look, while travertine is both graceful and modern style.

Each piece is uniquely different with distinctive colors and characteristics.

●Durable: You’ve heard the expression “everything is bigger in Texas?” Well, that goes for this, because it’s tough and ultra-sturdy. Do make sure it’s installed properly (no do-yourself projects, please) so that water won’t get between the joints and cause any damage.

●Easy to clean: Sweep or vacuum regularly, at least several times a week, since dirt accumulation can actually speed up wear and tear. Vacuuming is often the better choice, but always be sure the beater bears (motorized brushes) are turned off, as they’ll just make the dirt spin around. If you need to mop, use a vegetable based soap, and avoid acids, abrasives, bleach, ammonia or other chemicals. Any doubts, please ask about manufacturer-approved stone cleaners. Wipe up spills immediately, and if they do stain, make sure you spot clean.

Still have questions? Come into the Gowdy Flooring showroom in Amarillo, TX, and be sure to check out our complete inventory: carpet, hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl, and, of course, natural stone.