When it comes to new flooring, every homeowner has questions. To try to answer some of those, we’ve included five FAQs here today that speak to some of our most common questions. 

How long does carpet last?

The length of your carpet’s lifespan is dependent on a few different things, including the quality of the fiber and backing material of your chosen brand, making sure you match the right fiber with the right lifestyle and staying up with the recommended cleaning schedule.

What type of subfloor can go underneath hardwood flooring?

Solid hardwood flooring needs to be installed over a nice level solid subfloor material. Plywood is a good choice, as are other types of wood. Engineered hardwood floors can be installed over a level wooden or concrete surface; however, the concrete should be tested for the proper moisture level.

What differentiates glazed tile from unglazed tile?

Glazed tile is covered with a glass coating that is not porous; right after the tile is finished with its first firing. After this application, it is fired again, after which it’s ready to be used in many spaces, including areas that can be damp and wet.

What kinds of natural stone finishes are available?

There are actually several finishes available, including polished (mirror-like and smooth), honed (less shiny, but still reflective and smooth), brushed/antiqued (gives the look of natural wear), leathered (a combination of honed and brushed, offering slip resistance), flamed (heated intensely and cooled rapidly), bush-hammered (nonslip surface that’s grooved and soft), tumbled (for the weathered look), sandblasted (a non-shiny gloss with texture), cleft face (rough, looks broken), and river washing (applied on top of flaming for a smoother surface).

How can I help protect my new luxury vinyl floors?

In addition to cleaning and maintaining these floors regularly, area rugs, mats, or runners can help keep your floors looking their best. They trap the dirt and debris that could otherwise harm your floors, leaving you with a beautiful finish longer.

If you still need to speak with someone after reading through these FAQs, feel free to visit Gowdy Flooring at our Amarillo, TX showroom.